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Ron Dakron

Novelist and poet Ron Dakron. My most-recent novel is "Hello Devilfish!" published by Three Rooms Press

Swing State: A Novel

Swing State: A Novel - Michael T. Fournier In Michael T. Fournier’s fab new novel Swing State, the really thrilling part is when Zachariah Tietz slumps into school and — no, wait can’t give that away. Anyway, the scene that really rattled me was when Dixon Dove heads into that abandoned — nope, that’s a spoiler. Maybe during the soccer game when Rick kicks way too hard at — dang, same prob! Fournier’s Swing State is a compelling hybrid of Updike suburban angst mixed with — I kid you not — true action. It’s Leave it to Beaver meets Hunter Thompson meets a very angry Gumby and Pokey. Get on board for the zooming plot and stay for the wry, compassionate prose.